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Medical Parts Services

Jeremy Probst

Company - Technical Prospects Title – Chief Operating Officer Websitewww.technicalprospects.com

Testimonial - “My dealings with Medical Imaging Parts has been great. They have proven their value by consistently delivering systems and parts in large volumes. I have purchased over 10 systems and hundreds of parts from MIP with little to no issues. When an unforeseen problem did arise they quickly stepped up and handled it in a professional manner to my satisfaction. I look forward to our continued business in the future.”

Josh Glas

Company - PhiGEM Parts Title - President Website - www.phigemparts.com

Testimonial – “Medical Imaging Parts has been an extremely valuable resource for me to fill in gaps in my inventory of high-turn, high-demand parts. The ability to target my purchasing on specific parts rather than complete system investment has really helped my profitability. Their professionalism and ease of working with them has proven to be an extremely valuable asset.”

Tanner LoRusso

Company - DirectMed Parts Title - Managing Partner/Sales Executive Website - www.directmedparts.com/ Website - www.greywig.com/

Testimonial - Kyle at Medical Imaging Parts has been excellent to work with, equipment and timely responses have been as promised. Kyle will go out of his way to make sure your equipment needs are filled and packaging has been top notch! onesie pajamas